How to get the most out of your grad session.

Hair & Make-up

First things first........

Get those appointments booked! Are you planning on having your hair or makeup professionally done? Don’t leave it until the last minute! Hair and make-up artist fill up quickly for the summer months. Plus you will want to book your preferred time slot.


Comfy shoes: The last thing I want is for you to be uncomfortable! I’m all for a gorgeous pair of heels, but always bring a back up pair of kicks! Because we will be walking! And I don’t want your feet to get sore!

Beauty supplies: extra make-up, blotting sheets(great if your struggle with oily skin), hair spray, and setting spray.

Your session will most likely take place in the summer….those beautiful summer days can get hot! Giving your face a little mist of setting spray can keep everything in place!


Your photos should accurately represent YOU! Think of things that define your personality. Do you love the outdoors, are you a musician, love animals, play sports? Or maybe you’re a dancer?

Whatever your passion is, include it in your session! I promise that it will make your photos more unique and when you’re doing something you love, you will instantly feel more at ease and have fun!

Pro tip: Some fun props can include guitar, skateboard, hiking boots, basketball, books, sketches, car…the list is endless!

Musical instruments...
Props that add to a theme...
Sport equipment

Avoid sun burns!

I HIGHLY recommend staying out of the sun a few days before your session, or if you will be in the sun I recommend applying sunscreen.

There’s nothing worse than showing up to your session feeling burnt and peeling!

Consider the time of day you book your hair & make-up...

On the day of your session, we likely won’t be meeting until 2-3 hours before sunset. So if you’re not a fan of sitting around in your hair and makeup all day waiting, I recommend booking it later in the afternoon.

locations and time...

Over the years I've come to find some truly beautiful locations! As your photographer I know which locations are the best for your individual session, and what time of day they get the prettiest light. If you do have some locations in mind let me know, I can check them out, and together we can plan the perfect locations for you!

Pro tip: Do you have an indoor location that you would love to do your shoot at? Let me know! And I can get the permits and permission we need to photograph there!

One last thing about time....try your best to arrive 5 minutes early. Arriving late will effect the outcome of your shoot, as we will have less light to play with. Plus it's not fun arriving to your session feeling overwhelmed.

Thinking of getting a spray tan?

I'm a sucker for a glowing bronze tan! But I’m also pro heathy skin! So if you’re thinking a gorgeous tan would boost your confidence, I highly recommend a professional spray tan.

Do your research before picking your spray tan artist- we’re going for that bronze glow, not orange pumpkin!!