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Have you ever had a goal or a dream, that you so badly want to become your reality? For a very long time I dreamt of doing a shoot like this, so when my friend reached out to me saying she had a flock of sheep for me to do my shoot, I jumped into action! Brittney was the perfect model, she's such a natural and so relaxed that the animals gravitated to her. As you'll see throughout the gallery there are some very tender moments- the dogs really trusted her. Watching all the dogs in action from the guardian dogs to the herding dogs was truly amazing, they were all so in sync- and very well trained, Christine is an incredible dog trainer and it shows in how well they do there job! I'm use to having to step in and guide the animals I'm working with to get the shot I need, but I didn't have to worry about a thing! if I wanted them positioned in certain spot Christine would just do her thing and the immediately the dogs got into action adjusting the herd to where I wanted, it was seriously the coolest thing!

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